What is Family?

by MaKeda Scott

Family Values @ Work and our state partners are happy to celebrate National Family Day today. Family is not always who you’re born to, but those you choose to share your life with; our children, partners and friends. Families take many forms, including blended families, single-parent families, LGBTQ families, chosen families, multi-generational families and multi-national families. The laws must protect all families, especially when the need to care for a partner or a loved one arises. You should be able to provide the necessary care needed without fear of losing employment. September 26 celebrates the importance of family and highlights the many different family structures that exist. Family Values @ Works is working with other state organizations to lead efforts to expand family recognition in the workplace and in legislation. This would allow workers time off for a range of issues, such as meeting personal and family health needs, bonding with a new child, responding to military family needs around deployment, and/or addressing personal and family needs related to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Research studies clearly show that most family structures diverge from the two-parent, nuclear family, which was once thought of as the norm. Young people are waiting longer to marry — if they choose to marry at all. The percentage of adults cohabiting and raising children outside of marriage has increased significantly. More than one in four Americans — or approximately 66.7 million people — live in a multi-generational household. It is important to ensure that laws addressing families include the diversity of family structures.

This Is My Family is a project of The Family Justice Network, A Better Balance and Family Values at Work who have joined together to help working families gain access to paid leave. Watch this video and learn about three families and the various challenges they’ve had to face.

If you have questions or would like additional information regarding our work to expand family recognition workplace leave campaigns please visit this is my family.



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